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Emile Faurie

Emile Faurie - International Dressage Rider with Falcon for over 6 years.

Falcon Equine Feeds have had a great relationship working alongside Emile for many years now. It has been fantastic to work with such a dedicated rider and team who not only produce such amazing results but have so much involvement with charity work across the country, in particular the Emile Faurie Foundation.

Falcon Equine Feeds works with Emile to provide dietary appraisals for all his horses, we love it when we hear from students of Emile’s, where he has recommended our feeds and we are able to extend our services to customers all over the world.

The main feed that Emile’s horses thrive on is Falcon Equine Feeds Oat and Barley Free Mix. This contains high levels of essential fibre for correct and natural digestive health as well as high levels of digestible oil for the slow release of energy needed for excellent concentration and performance. Falcon’s Oat and Barley Free Mix contains NO whole cereals, this makes it the perfect complete feed for horses that can become ‘hot headed’ when fed traditional hard feeds but who still require enough energy to undergo the competitive workload asked of them. Oat and Barley Free Mix is fortified with elevated levels of vitamins and minerals essential for the competitive horse as well a probiotic that is at the forefront of scientific research.

It is a joy to work with the team at Heath Farm and see the results our feeds contribute too.


Emile is one of the country’s top international dressage riders and trainers and has represented Great Britain at World, European and Olympic level. He is a list two British Dressage judge and the World Class coach for the Start and Potential squad. He first started riding at the age of 15, and has never looked back. “I pestered my parents so much, they gave me riding lessons for my birthday. My mother said that ever since I could talk, I always talked about horses and certainly riding horses is the only thing I have ever wanted to do with my life.”

Moving to England in 1980, Emile spent three years as a working pupil at Talland. He then went to Germany to work for the famous Performance Sales International, helping to back and prepare youngsters for auction. “It was phenomenal. I was riding lots of different horses, received brilliant training and gained knowledge of how to recognize a good young horse”

Emile got his lucky break when he was given the ride on Virtu, with whom he went on to win the individual bronze and team silver medals at the 1993 European Championships, in addition to being British National Champions in 1993 & 1994. His next team horse was Legrini who he trained from the age of four to International Grand Prix level competing at the 1997 European Championships and the 1998 World Championships In 2003, he won a bronze team medal in the European Championships with Rascher Hopes. Emile has now represented Great Britain at two Olympic Games, three World Equestrian Games and four European Championships.

Based at his fabulous training centre at Heath Farm in Oxfordshire, Emile teaches a large range of British Dressage talent from Young Riders to International Grand Prix Competitors. His training with a number of Germany’s ‘Greats’ - including Klaus Balkenhol, Conrad Schumacher and the late Herbert Rehben - has given him an excellent eye for how to bring a horse and rider together in a more harmonious partnership, and his training regimes concentrate on developing these successful partnerships. Having reached the pinnacle of his sport, Emile is now committed to helping others experience the joy and fulfillment of equine sport.

As well as all his training and judging commitments, he has established the Emile Faurie Foundation, to provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to ride. The Foundation aims to enrich children’s lives, helping them develop vital life-skills as well as teaching them to ride. He regularly visits the Schools and Riding Establishments involved with the Foundation, giving demonstrations and providing encouragement and advice to the children themselves.