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Delivery Questions

Q: How Much are the shipping costs?


1 Item - £6
2 Items - £9.50
3 Items - £13
4 Items - £16.50
5 Items - £20
6-9 Items - £25
10-14 Items - £20
15-24 Items - £15
25-34 Items - £5
35+ Items FREE!

Q: How will my order be delivered?

A: The method of delivery is dependant on how many items you have ordered and what the total weight is.

If you order;

1-9 (20kg or 25kg each) bags of feed - the order will be delivered in 1-9 individual parcels using FedEx. These will need to be signed for on delivery unless you have left clear instructions for where the items can be left and that no signature is required.

These orders will be delivered in a van and there are usually no access problems. Please do let us know if you are aware of delivery companies having problems with access to your property.

Over 9 bags of feed (any weight) – The order will normally be delivered on a pallet. The pallet measures 1mX1.2mX2.2m maximum. The height of the pallet depends on the number of bags ordered. The pallet will be delivered by a pallet distribution company in a 7.5T lorry. The lorry will come equipped with a tail lift to unload the pallet BUT if you drive is made of gravel, small chippings, loose soil, mud or surface other than a solid, hard flat surface, the drive will be unable to move the pallet further than the back of the lorry. If the driveway surface is tarmac, concrete etc. then they will be able to move the pallet to a suitable place to be left.

If you have a narrow driveway or a very tight corner the lorry will not be able to drive up it. You need to make sure you have clearly written this on the ‘notes’ section of the checkout page. We will then contact you and try to help arrange a different method of delivery where possible.

Please remember it is not the driver’s responsibility to unload the feed bag by bag into your feed room.

Feeding and Nutrition

Q: I do not know what feed to use on my horse?

A: Falcon Equine Feeds has got a great range of products but it can be a bit confusing trying to work out which is going to be the most beneficial to you horse/pony. Simply give us a call on

01798 813312 and pick option ‘3’ or email us on and tell us about your horse. We will then be happy to recommend a feeding programme that will suit you and your horse perfectly.

To ensure you get the most accurate advice possible, make sure you tell us the following details;

- Age

- Breed/type of horse

- What type of work are you doing e.g riding club activities, PSG, eventing etc

- How many hours a week are you working them?

- Previous medical details e.g. are they prone to colic or tying up?

- What they are currently being fed