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Willetts Animal Feeds

Willetts Animal Feeds

Willetts Farm, Broadford Bridge Road,

West Chiltington, RH20 2LE

Tel: 01798 813312 Email:

 Open Mon - Fri: 08:30 till 17:30

  • Do you own a dog or cat?
  • Do you run a small holding
  • Keep chickens
  • Do you ride horses?
  • Do you simply enjoy feeding the birds in your garden?


If you answer yes to any of these questions then Willetts Animal Feeds is the feed store for you.

An establised local feed company in West Chiltington

Willetts Animal Feeds provides friendly service + competitively priced products to all animal lovers.

What we offer


  • Friendly, expert nutritional advisors on animal feeds and supplements
  • Special bulk discounts in store
  • Cash + Carry customer loyalty scheme on all products collected and paid for in store.
  • Excellent range of carefully selected products for horses, pets + livestock from top brands inc:


Falcon Equine, Omega Equine, Dengie, NAF, Equine America, Core Elements, Bedmax, Snowflake Shavings, Baillie Haylage, Duffields Farm Feeds, Haygates, James Wellbeloved, Autarky, Felix, Whiskers, Pedigree Chum, Winalot, Chudleys, Bakers, Chappie, Gilpa, Butchers, NatureDiet, Eukanuba,D&H rabbit, D&H Ferret ........


  • A local delivery service on all feed, bedding, supplements and pet foods available on request*

So, to find out more, visit us in store and take advantage of our cash and carry loyalty scheme and see how much you can save.

*Please call for details on availability and surcharges on local delivery. Free delivery available but minimum quantities and costs apply.        


About Us.

Falcon Equine Feeds Ltd had been a local equine feed manufacturer based in Shipley, West Sussex for over 10 years. Following a rapid growth in the company and a complete company restructure, Falcon Equine Feeds finally relocated in June 2011 to a larger and more promising location just 3 miles down the road in West Chiltington. With exciting and well mapped out plans in place, Falcon embarked on a challenging first year in the new premises which saw its fair share of planning problems and trust issues that seemed set out to hinder the fantastic development ideas. But 1 year on and Falcon Equine Feeds Ltd is flying high with its continued dedication to providing Olympic winning quality horse feeds to local, national and international customers from all levels of the equine industry. The continued rapid growth has driven Falcon to diversify into the bigger animal feed market to meet the needs required by all its customers. Let’s face it, there aren’t many people out there that own a horse and don’t own any other sort of pet!? So, to meet this need Falcon is extremely proud to introduce the newly rebranded local feed store and sister company ‘Willetts Animal Feeds’.