Chicken & Rice Dog Food

Chicken & Rice Dog Food

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Adult Chicken and Rice dog food for working dogs.

Key advantages are:
19% Protein
Complete feed
Nutritionally balanced

Technical Description
Chicken and Rice dog food with 19% Protein.
A complete dry dog food for Working/Sporting dogs.

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide
Small Dog (5-10kg)      105 – 170g
Medium Dog (10-25kg) 170 – 350g
Large Dog (25-45kg)    350 – 525g
Very Large Dog (>45kg)  525g +

This product can be fed dry or moistened with water or gravy to the consistency that your dog prefers. Typically a thorough mix of 2 parts warm water with 3 parts (dry weight) of food preferred. The above amounts are only a guide and you should only feed sufficient amounts to maintain condition, dependent upon the level of activity enjoyed and the conformation of your dog. Always ensure that clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times. There is no requirement to supplement this diet.

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 19%
Fibre 3.5%
Ash 6.5%
Fat Content 12.0%
Vitamin A 19,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E 230 mg/kg
Vitamin D 1800 iu/kg
Copper (as Cupric Sulphate) 30 mg/kg
Iron Sulphate Monohtdrate 75 mg/kg
Manganous Oxide:   70mg/kg
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate:   300mg/kg
Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids:   300mg/kg
Sodium Selenite   0.45mg/kg

Cereals: (10% rice)
Meat & Animal Derivatives: (16% Chicken)
Oils & Fats: (0.3% Salmon Oil)
Vegetable Protein Extracts