Falcon Molassed Chaff 12.5kg

Falcon Molassed Chaff 12.5kg

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Falcon Molassed chaff combines wheat straw with light cane molasses

Key advantages are:

Vary palatable

Low Protein

Added Calcium

Technical Description

Falcon's Molassed chaff combines quality wheat straw with a light cane molasses coating making it a vary palatable forage.

Suitable to be fed in conjunction with the complete Falcon Equine Feeds range.

Molassed chaff is a High Fibre and Low Protein with Added Calcium.

Supplied in 12.5kg bags.

Nutritional Analysis

Fibre 30.0%
Protein 6.5%
Oil 1.0%
Ash 12.0%


Wheat Straw
Cane Molasses
Calcium Carbonate
Permitted Preservatives: Propionic Acetic, Sorbic and Phosphoric acids

***** please be aware that no more than 12 fibres (Molasses chaff + High Fibre) can be included per pallet due stability *****