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Discontinued Products

Dear Customers,

Our supplement brand Omega Equine has enjoyed great success since its launch in 2019 and due to its enormous success, we are needing more space in the factories and warehouse at our premises.
Because of this we have taken the very difficult decision to discontinue our ‘Falcon Equine’ brand of mixes and cubes. This means we will not be supplying hard feed (Falcon or other brands), shavings or farm and pet supplies.

 We can continue to supply you with products whilst stocks last.

Our website will remain available with our growing inventory of Omega branded supplements & linseed products.

 We are very excited about the amazing growth of the Omega supplement brand which includes our flagship ‘Omega Rice’ product, we also continue to manufacture white label goods and supply raw ingredients.

 If you have any questions regarding this notice, then please call our team who will be happy to help. We would like to thank all our wonderful loyal customers that we have served over the years and who have been a part of our journey. 

With kind regards and best wishes,

 Paul & Sarah Ainsworth

Falcon Equine Feeds Ltd

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Family Fletcher

Tina, Graham, Olli and Will Fletcher are one of the most successful showjumping families. Their wealth of combined experience spans over 150 years. Working with them all is a pleasure and has given mutual support.  

Emile Faurie

Falcon Equine Feeds have had a great relationship working alongside Emile for many years now. It has been fantastic to work with such a dedicated rider and team who not only produce such amazing results with the horses but have so much involvement with his charity work.

Hector Payne

We are supporting Hector in his final step towards going ‘solo’ with his team of horses. Previously Hector has worked for The Billy Stud, home to The Funnell's, The Kyle's, The Lanni's and most recently three seasons based at Fox-Pitt eventing. He has an exciting career ahead.

Falcon Equine & Ben Maher MBE

"Without exception my yard of horses absolutely thrive on Falcon's diets. The hunters have looked fabulous throughout the season and are still galloping at the end of the day and the competition horses all look as if they should be in the show ring!"

Lucy Pinney

I had a rescue 17.2hh tb x shire who had Omega Rice, it worked wonders! I now have a 16hh tb who has just started it and there is a difference after 2 weeks!I have recommended to others and won't use anything else!


“I am calling to thank all the staff at Falcon Equine Feeds that was involved with my order, you have all done a wonderful job and you have kept us informed of its journey, we appreciate all your input and thank you for the incredible service you have given, thank you again!”

Sarah Jeanes