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Omega SarcXpell®
Omega SarcXpell®
Omega SarcXpell®
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Omega SarcXpell®

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Omega SarcXpell®

A supercharged collection of ingredients for optimum immune health

Omega SarcXpell® brings together an incredible combination of natural ingredients to significantly support the immune system and general equine health. Modern competition horses are constantly travelling, exposed to various levels of stable hygiene and under increased stress; a strong immune system is therefore essential to keep them on top form.

Utilising years of equine knowledge, Omega Equine has brought together the following ingredients to create Omega SarcXpell®;

  • Moringa leaf; an impressive source of protein and vitamins useful for maintaining immune, bone and skin health. Moringa is packed with over 90 active compounds which hugely support overall health
  • Turmeric; a popular spice used to support joints, skin and digestion. It is commonly known to maintain liver health
  • Tart Cherry; loaded with important nutrients, including plant compounds, antioxidants and vitamin C. It is useful for maintaining a strong immune system, aiding exercise recovery and supporting sore muscles. It has also been linked to sustaining a healthy heart
  • Aloe Vera; packed with vitamins which support the skin, coat, eyes and brain. It also contains folic acid, useful during pregnancy and for the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. Rich in minerals, aloe vera aids healthy bones and the immune system
  • Seaweed; an impressive source of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Linked to promoting shiny coats, strong hooves and maintaining high levels of vitality
  • Rosehips; one of the best sources of natural iron and vitamin C. Also contains high levels of natural biotin, making it one of the top plants for supporting the immune and circulatory systems, kidneys, liver, hooves, bones, skin and coat
  • Echinacea; supports the body in the natural production of both white and red blood cells. These blood cells are linked with a strong immune system and supporting the healthy flow of oxygen around the body, enabling horses and ponies to work at their best.

The ingredients in Omega SarcXpell® come together to create a product like no other. Rich in nutrients, it’s a super supplement for the immune system and supporting optimum health. With ingredients sourced from quality suppliers, Omega SarcXpell® is competition legal and an essential product for hard-working horses and ponies

Linseed Meal, 
Moringa Leaf,
Calcium Carbonate,
Tart Cherry,
Aloe Vera.

Additives per kg: Amino Acids
dl-methionine 3c301 5000mg
Trace Elements:
Zinc (chelate of protein hydrolysates 5000mg) 3b612 750mg

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 15%
Crude Fibre 7%
Crude Oils & Fats 15%
Crude Ash 7.5%
Sodium 0.15%